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Mangala Urea (Bharat Urea)

Product Description
  • Urea is a Synthetic organic compound containing 46% Nitrogen in Amide form.
  • Available in the form of white solid prills free flowing for easy application.
  • Being Hygroscopic, urea is packed in moisture proof High Density Poly Ethylene bags.

Features & Benefits

  • Less acidifying than many other nitrogenous fertilizers. Hence most suited for high pH soils.
  • High concentration of nutrients makes packing, storage and transport cost cheaper.


  • Can be applied to soil. Also suitable in solution form as spray.
  • Application is recommended in split doses for better use efficiency.

Technical Details

  • Moisture per cent by weight (Maximum) - 1%
  • Total Nitrogen per cent by weight (Minimum)- 46%
  • Biuret percent by weight (Maximum) - 1.5%


  • Packing - 45 kg HDPE Bag