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Wetting and Spreading Agent


A Silicon Based Non-Ionic Liquid Wetting & Spreading Agent

Mangala Super Spreader is a silicon based “Non Ionic” Wetting & Spreading agent which reduces the surface tension of water thus helping in spreading of spray molecules and also better absorption by the foliage. Adding Mangala Super Spreader to aqueous solutions containing plant nutrients, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides helps uniform and better spread of spray solution on the leaf surface in the quickest possible time resulting in better use efficiency of the active ingredients involved.

Benefits of application of Mangala Super Spreader

  • Mangala Super Spreader is a silicon based non-ionic wetting and spreading agent.
  • Mangala Super Spreader brings down the surface tension of spray solutions from 75 to 22 dynes cm-1 thus enabling its uniform spreading and quick absorption.
  • Mangala Super Spreader increases product use efficiency by 30 to 40 %.
  • Mangala Super Spreader reduces the wastage of spray solution being sprayed.
  • Mangala Super Spreader is suitable for application with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant nutrients & plant hormones to all crops.


Application Details:

Crops Along with Dosage Back pack & 200 L barrel

All Crops

Insecticides, Fungicides, Growth Hormones & Plant Nutrients

0.3 mL/L

5 mL/16 L Back pack sprayer & 60 mL/ 200 L barrel


1 mL / L

16 mL/16 L Back pack sprayer & 200 mL/ 200 L barrel

Note: It can be used in all types of Water

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