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Mangala Zinc - EDTA

Mangala Zinc EDTA is a superior quality chelated zinc product, which gives better and quicker results compared to other zinc sources.

Declared Content: Zinc- EDTA : 12.0%

Benefits of Mangala Zinc- EDTA

  • Mangala Zinc EDTA gives more bio-available zinc for absorption by plants.
  • Mangala Zinc EDTA helps in setting of flowers and fruits, increases yield and improves quality.

Application Details

Crops: All Crops

Soil Application

Field Crops 10 kg/ac
Perennial crops

Time of application

Field Crops : At the time of Sowing/transplanting.
Perennial Crops :

Foliar Application

Dosage : 1 g/L

Time of Application

Field Crops : 30 days after Sowing/transplanting.
Perennial Crops :
Packing :
10 kg (Technical + Bulk Material) 500 g (Technical)

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