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Mangala Setright (for Acidic Soils)

Mangala Setright for Acidic Soils is an outstanding formulated soil amendment that reclaims acidic soils more efficiently than any other soil amendment.


Nutrient Nutrient content (% w/w)
Calcium (Ca) 15
Magnesium (Mg) 3
Sulphur (S) 4

Benefits of Mangala Setright (Acidic)

  • Mangala Setright increases the pH of the soils which are acidic in nature
  • Mangala Setright helps in making the nutrients readily available to the plants
  • Mangala Setright alleviates nutrient toxicities
  • Mangala Setright improves physical health of soil

Application Details:

Soil: Acidic soils
All Crops
Dosage depends on the soil pH.

Use the following guide for deciding the dosage:

Soil pH value Dosage (kg ac-1)
6.8 6.3 50
6.2 5.8 100
5.7 5.2 150
Below 5.2 200

Time of Application:

Field Crops:
15 days before sowing /transplanting

Perennial Crops:
April-June or Oct-Jan
Preferably apply 2 weeks prior to fertilizer application

Packing: 50 kg

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