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MANGALA Kolenashak

Technical Name: Salts of phosphoric acids
Mode of Action: Prophylactic
Targeted pests: Managing Koleroga, wilt & rot diseases in Arecanut and other plantations
Foliar Spray: 5mL/L  (1L/200L barrel)
Only for Pepper 2.5 mL/L  (0.5L/200L barrel)
Soil Drenching: 10 mL/L  (2L/200L barrel)

Major crops: Arecanut, Cardamom, Coffee, Pepper, Cocoa, Ginger and Turmeric.

Salience of Mangala Kolenashak

  • Mangala Kolenashak has preventive and curative action.
  • Mangala Kolenashak is a unique product for managing Koleroga of Arecanut.
  • Mangala Kolenashak has protective action on rot and wilt diseases in crops such as Cardamom, Coffee, Pepper, Cocoa, Ginger and Turmeric.
  • Mangala Kolenashak reduces nut breaking and premature fall of nuts.
  • Mangala Kolenashak keeps plants healthier.
  • Mangala Kolenashak is suitable for both soil drenching and foliar application.

Packing: 1L & 5L




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