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Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini

Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini is the liquid extract of the fastest growing seaweed Ecklonia maxima, from the South Africa's Western Coast.

Essential Content: Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, Vitamins, Major and Micronutrients, and Antibiotics.

Benefits of Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini

  • Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini helps early germination of seeds and establishment of seedlings.
  • Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini contains very wide auxins : cytokinins ratio, hence triggers new root formation
  • Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini helps tide over adverse soil moisture conditions.
  • Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini helps in increasing yield, improves quality and shelf-life of produce.

Application Details

Crops: All crops
Mangala Kelpak Sanjeevini is suitable for foliar spray, fertigation, seed treatment, root dipping and instant mixing with fertilizer.
Foliar Spray:
4 mL/L
Use 1L/ac/application. Give 2-4 applications at 1-2 weeks interval depending on crops.
Seed Treatment:
25 mL/kg of seeds for coating; 25 mL/L for bulk seed dipping
Root dipping:
10 mL/L just prior to planting/transplanting
Instant mixing:
Mix 1 L with the quantity of fertilizer required per acre and apply the fertilizer immediately after mixing.
250 mL, 500 mL, 1 L, 5 L & 20 L.


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