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Mangala Gold (Humic Substances Granules)

Mangala Gold is a granular end product having humic substances from aerobic decomposition of organic matter as basic ingredient.

Essential Content: It contains 1.5% Humic substances having Humic acid, Fulvic acid and Humin as predominant composition

Benefits of Mangala Gold

  • Mangala Gold, being a bio-stimulant accelerates root development and improves vegetative growth (tillers, branches etc.)
  • Mangala Gold helps produce thicker, greener and healthier crops.

Application Details

Crops: All Crops

Crop Dosage Time of application
Paddy, Cotton, Sugarcane, Vegetable & Other crops 5-10 kg/ac Sowing/planting
Banana & Papaya 25-50 g/plant Planting
Fruits & Plantation Crops 50-100 g / plant Pre-monsoon/Post-monsoon

Packing: 1 & 5 kg pouch 25 kg drum


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