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Mangala Copper Sulphate

Mangala Copper Sulphate is used both as a fertilizer and a fungicide material. Foliar spraying of dilute solutions of Copper Sulphate is used for overcoming copper deficiency.While Copper Sulphate dissolved in water acts as a fungicide, it is also used with quick lime to prepare Bordeaux Mixture, again a widely used fungicide.

Essential Content: Copper (Cu) : 24.0% in Agricultural grade & 24.7% in Technical grade

Benefits of Copper Sulphate

  • Mangala Copper Sulphate supplies Copper
    - which is an important component of proteins found in the enzymes that regulate the rate of many biochemical reactions in plants.
    - which promotes seed production and formation
    - which plays an essential role in chlorophyll formation
  • Mangala Copper Sulphate can be used for preparation of Bordeaux Mixture along with quick lime.

Application Details

Crops : All Crops

Foliar Application

Dosage : 3 g/L

Preparation of Bordeaux Mixture: Copper Sulphate and quick lime in 1:1 ratio
Packing :
1, 25 & 50 kg (Available in both Crystal and Powder form)





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