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Mangala Borosan Multipurpose for Karnataka

Mangala Borosan Multipurpose is a fully water soluble and scientifically blended water soluble micronutrient mixture suitable for foliar spray and drip irrigation. Application of Mangala Borosan Multipurpose is superior to combined effect of application of micronutrients individually. It conforms to fertilizer grade as specified by Government of Karnataka.

Declared Nutrient Contents: Zinc (Zn): 10.0%; Iron (Fe): 5.0%; Manganese (Mn): 2.0% and Boron (B): 0.3%.

Benefits of Mangala Borosan Multipurpose

  • Mangala Borosan Multipurpose, being soluble in water completely gives out micronutrients that are easily absorbed by plant roots.
  • Mangala Borosan Multipurpose helps plants in absorption of other nutrients from soil.
  • Mangala Borosan Multipurpose helps in improving plant growth, yield and quality of the produce.

Application Details of Mangala Borosan Multipurpose

Crop Dosage Time of application
All crops 20 kg/ac 1 to 40 days
500 g per day through drip irrigation

3 g / L

30 to 90 days through foliar spray

500g/ 200L barrel

Plantation crops

Packing: 5 kg






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