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Product Description
  • Contains 10% Nitrogen, 26% P2O5 and 26% K2O
  • Granules are uniform and between 1mm and 4 mm size
Features & Benefits
  • It has good storage properties
  • All major nutrients NPK are present in a single product
  • High concentration of nutrients makes packing, storage and transport cost cheaper 
  • Suitable for all crops both for initial application and top dressing
  • Application is recommended in split doses for better use efficiency
Technical Details
  • Moisture per cent by weight (maximum) 1.0
  • Total Nitrogen per cent by weight (minimum)- 10.0
  • Ammoniacal nitrogen per cent by weight (minimum) 7.0
  • Nitrogen in the form of urea, per cent by weight (maximum) 3.0
  • Neutral ammonium citrate soluble phosphate (as P2O5) per cent by weight (minimum) 26.0
  • Water soluble phosphate (as P2O5) per cent by weight (minimum) 22.1
  • Water soluble potash (as K2O) per cent by weight (minimum) 26.0
  • Particle size - Particle size of the material will be such that 90 per cent of the material will be between 1 mm and 4 mm IS sieve and not more than 5 per cent shall be below 1 mm size


  • Packing - 50 kg HDPE Bag
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